Ventus W831 Weather Station with 3 external sensors and USB PC Connectivity

Ventus W831 Weather Station with 3 external sensors and USB PC Connectivity

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Ventus W831 wireless weather station with 3 independent external wireless sensors and pc-software

This Ventus W831 weather station provides you with local weather data from an anemometer, rain gauge and temperature/humidity sensor. All these local measurements from your garden can then be saved on your PC by using the software and USB connection included.

The W831 can also be expanded with an additional 4 temperature / humidity sensors to measure these values at a number of alternative locations.

Additionally the W831 is compatible with TE923/924 Weather Station hardware allowing it to used with a number of commercial software packages to upload data to the internet (such as WeatherUnderground) or create your own weather website. These packages include Weather Display and the multi language software PC-Wetterstation - has more details on this product which is available directly from the developers as a demo.

Other features include:

Weather Forecast

Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Slight Rain, Heavy Rain, Snow and Unstable Weather conditions


Current or historical pressure (mBar/ hPa, mmHg or inHg)

Altitude or sea level pressure adjustment for atmospheric pressure compensation

Pressure trend indication

Sea-level pressure history for the last 24 days

Sea-level pressure history bar chart

Moon phase

12 steps of moon symbols

Scans moon phase for year 2000 to 2099

Moon phase history for the last or future 39 days

Radio Controlled Clock

Time and date synchronised by radio signal DCF77 (time and date also manually adjustable)

Clock and Calendar (12hr/ 24 hr) (month/day or day/month)

Different combinations of clock and calendar displays

6 languages for day of week (English/ German/ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Dutch)


Single alarm: activated once at specified time

Weekday alarm: activated everyday from Monday to Friday at specified time

Pre-alarm: activated ahead of single or weekday alarm if channel 1 temperature falling to +2oC or below. (Programmable 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes)

Programmable snooze function (1-15 minutes)

Sunrise time and sunset time

Calculates sunrise/set times with geographical information provided by user (DST, zone time offset, latitude, longitude) over 133 preset cities can be selected for automatic geographical information input.

Remote temperature and relative humidity, with trend indication

Indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity display (C or F)

Temperature and relative humidity trend indication

Dew point display

Max and Min memory for temperature and relative humidity

Comfort level indicator

Analyses current environmental conditions (Comfort, Wet and Dry)

Rainfall measurement

Records rainfall amount for the last hour, last 24 hours, last day, last week and last month (inch or mm).

Daily rainfall alert if rainfall for the current day exceed pre-specified amount.


Temperature at place of anemometer.

Temperature adjusted to wind chill factor. (C or F)

Wind direction compass display. Wind direction angles available as compass points or bearings.

Average wind speed and gust speed (mph, m/s, knots, and km/h)

Daily Maximum wind speed and gust speed memory.

Wind speed alert for average wind speed and wind gust speed.

Memory Functions

Stores 200 weather records (without a computer connection) with memory saving intervals (1 hr default).

LED backlight

Light sensor to automatically toggle backlight when environment lighting level is low.

Can be turned on/off or set to automatic. (Should be used with mains adaptor for automatic control function)

Other Features

Removable table stand for mounting display on a table or wall


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