Ventus W266 external sensors suite

Ventus W266 external sensors suite

Product code: VENW266ESEN
Brand: Ventus
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Replacement Ventus W266 external sensor suite which measures rain, wind, temperature, humidity UV and lightning strikes.

Supplied with:

External sensor suite.

External Sensor Specification:

  • Temperature - Outdoor (-20C - +60C) 
  • Humidity - Outdoor (both 20% - 99% RH) 
  • Rainfall sensor
  • Wind Speed (0 - 67mph)
  • Wind Direction  
  • Lightning Sensor - Inter Cloud and Cloud Ground detected up to 30km / 18.5 miles (km / miles)
  • UV Sensor - range 1 to 15 with skin type setting for exposure calculation.
  • Power - 4 x AA (*not supplied)
  • Sensor range 100m (228 feet) line of sight.


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