Ventus W177 Colour Weather Station
Ventus W177 Colour Weather Station
Ventus W177 Colour Weather Station
Ventus W177 Colour Weather Station
Ventus W177 Colour Weather Station

Ventus W177 Colour Weather Station

Product code: W177
Brand: Ventus
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Condition: New
Compact colour station.


The Ventus 177 weather station comes complete with independent external sensors to measure rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity all displayed on a indoor colour display with easy to read icons, graphs and symbols.

Quick to install and setup, within the hour you will be monitoring the weather local to you from the warmth of your home.

The console includes a back lit colour display running from a mains adapter and standard AA batteries which is desk standing. A number of measurements are displayed simultaneously and the clock is radio controlled with a time-zone setting for UK time.  All measurements can be changed between imperial, metric, meteorological where appropriate.

Supplied with:

  • Indoor console screen
  • Wind direction and speed sensor
  • Rainfall sensor
  • Additional Temperature Humidity Sensor
  • International instructions (including English)
  • Mains adapter


  • Clock with date and alarm (12/24 hour) DCF controlled with time zone offset
  • Locally calculated weather Forecast display with icons for next 12/24 hours
  • Barometric Pressure (hPa, mb, InHg, mmHg)
  • Temperature - Indoor (0C - 50C) / Outdoor (-20C - 60C) resolution 0.1C
  • Ice Alert
  • Humidity - Indoor / Outdoor (both 20% - 99% RH) resolution 1%
  • Heat Index - Indoor / Outdoor (both 16C to 60C) 
  • Wind Chill - Outdoor 
  • Dew Point - Indoor / Outdoor (both 0C to 60C)
  • Rainfall - Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Accumulated (mm / inches selectable)
  • Wind Speed (0 - 67mph) - Average in 2 minute period / Maximum 10 minute gust (km/h / mph / m/s / Beaufort / knots selectable)
  • Wind Direction - over 2 minute period 
  • Back light settings - on / off / short period.
  • Power - console mains power and 3 x AAA backup / sensor stations 4 x AA and 2 x AAA (*not supplied outside of UK)
  • Sensor range 20m line of sight.


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5 Stars
J McDouglas
A great little weather station for my small garden. Would recommend it to anyone and the colour screen is so much better than my last one.