NANO Standard

NANO Standard

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Upgradable to a NANO SD at a later date.


An upgrade to your Davis Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue

The Meteobridge NANO is a tiny plug-in device that dramatically extends the features of your Davis Instruments® Vantage Pro2™ or Vue™ weather station. The NANO is simply plugged in the expansion connector underneath the cover on the back of the console. When you close the back cover again this upgrade is completely invisible. The NANO adds a full Meteobridge feature set to your weather station setup which includes tons of services you usually need a full PC solution for. The NANO just takes about 1 watt of energy and therefore is dramatically more power efficient than using a PC or even a Raspberry Pi. 

The NANO connects as a WiFi client to your WLAN at home and can be administrated by a web browser.

The NANO supports all weather networks supported by the other Meteobridge solutions. Data uploads to the networks listed below can selected in parallel and can be timed down to every few seconds, if the weather network supports that (like rapid-fire with Weather Underground). Apart from silently uploading data to these networks you also get status information how the uploads were doing. This helps a lot in getting an idea how well your station does feed the networks. NANO does tell you the recent sensor data as received from the Davis weather station and gives you the log when data was uploaded fine or with errors to your weather networks of choice. 


Weather Underground
Weather Underground Camera
Open Weather Map
Weather Cloud
Anything Weather
Cloud Graphing
Meteobridge Weather CAM
​​​​​​​Caburé in Argentina

Personal Web Pages.

The NANO has the Weather34 server built in so live data direct from your device, it can also feed the popular personal weather templates WD-Live, Leuven Template, Saratoga Template, Meteo Template and Home Weather Station with default scripts.

Remote Access

Meteobridge NANO offers the ability to be reached from the Internet by simply ticking a box on the web interface. 

SMS / Twitter

Meteobridge NANO can send SMS messages via messagebird and or course to a Twitter account.

Data Logger

Meteobridge NANO connects to your console via serial communication and handles the authentication needed by the newer versions of the Davis console firmware (aka “green dot” logger). The NANO allows for some calibration of sensor data on an easy to understand web settings page. While the NANO is directly making use of the data, it can also be connected by your PC weather program via TCP/IP on  port 22222 to allow for a direct pass-through to the console. In this mode the NANO acts like a standard Davis logger, but while passing through the data to the PC it also picks the needed pieces of information to feed the services defined in the NANO.

There are so many features built into this device, for the latest information check the Meteobridge NANO website.


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5 Stars
Conlig, Co. Down
This little device is an all in one package. Weather Software for uploading to various global weather sites, and a dedicated Web Server too. With the optional SD Card you can save history and export data in various data formats including charts to any other device via several protocols. Support is excellent from the online forums, and almost daily updates and features are being added all the time. This device saves space, power and any need for a Davis Datalogger or extra Weather software. Thoroughly recommended!