GARNI technology

To find the roots of the Czech brand GARNI technology we have to travel back in time to 2006 when the first product with a GARNI logo was made. It was a simple weather station with a barometric pressure and indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity measurement. It was not an coincidence that the first product that carried a GARNI logo was related with temperature measurement and weather forecast. The company Roman Gajda – GARNI already had a 12 years experience with similar products and the weather station was a result of an effort to satisfy customers and bring something new to the market.

A new logo, almost the same as we know it today, was used only one year later and the first remarkable success came with a product line named Arcus a few years later.  2017 was very significant for the brand as the owner, a company Roman Gajda – GARNI, was transformed into Joint Stock Company and to celebrate this the brand new flagship model GARNI 1055 was released. The 2nd generation named GARNI 1055 Arcus was released one year later and immediately became popular not only in Europe.

​​​​​​​GARNI technology listens to users and takes into account their feedback and requirements in developing new products with an emphasis on quality and reliability. ​​​​​​​​​​​​
GARNI 975  5 in 1 WiFi Weather Station

GARNI 975 5 in 1 WiFi Weather Station

RRP £175.95
Replacement outdoor sensor unit only

Replacement outdoor sensor unit only

GARNI  935PC Additional Console

GARNI 935PC Additional Console

RRP £129.95
USB PC connectivity