GARNI 1055  Advanced  WiFi Weather Station
GARNI 1055  Advanced  WiFi Weather Station
GARNI 1055  Advanced  WiFi Weather Station
GARNI 1055  Advanced  WiFi Weather Station
GARNI 1055  Advanced  WiFi Weather Station

GARNI 1055 Advanced WiFi Weather Station

Product code: GARNI 1055
Brand: GARNI technology
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GARNI 1055 Arcus, their flagship model, is a Wi-Fi weather station with an integrated 6-in-1 wireless sensor which measures temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and UV radiation. Dew point, wind chill, temperature index, sunrise and sunset time are also displayed.

Data can be uploaded via Wi-Fi to the Weather Underground web service and displayed in a mobile application.

Key Features:
  • Inverse V. A. color display
  • Comprehensive measurement of meteorological variables
  • Data upload to Weather Underground
  • Time and date are adjusted from the Internet
  • UV radiation measurement
  • 6 in 1 wireless sensor included
An easy-to-read inverse V.A. color display clearly displays the measured values from the 6-in-1 sensor, indoor temperature and humidity sensor along with an additional ones added to the system.
The integrated 6-in-1 wireless sensor measures temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and UV radiation.
Check you data anytime, anywhere thanks to a data transfer via Wi-Fi to the Weather Underground web service, you can see the measured values anywhere you have Internet.
A separate wireless sensor allows you to measure the indoor temperature and relative humidity at the location you choose.
Top-notch graph of measured values, a display of temperature, humidity and barometric pressure evolution in 72 hours and rainfall in 7 days in a clear bar graph.
The minimum and maximum measured values and values measured over the past 24 hours are stored in the memory of the main unit.
Time and date are automatically adjusted from the Internet, so the weather station always provides the correct data.

Full technical specification:
Memory to MAX and MIN measured values Memory for maximum and minimum values: indoor and outdoor temperatures and relative humidity, wind chill, dew point, temperature index, barometric pressure; memory at maximum values: average wind speed and wind impact, UV index, wind force
Indoor & external temperature range (accuracy) -40°C to +80°C (10°C to 55°C ± 0.4°C, -20 to 10°C ± 1.3°C)
Resolution 0.1°C
Internal / external humidity range (accuracy) 0% to 100% (0 to 90% ± 2.5% , 90 to 100% RH ± 3.5%)
Resolution 1%
Barometric pressure range (accuracy) 540 to 1 100 hPa (700 to 1100hPa ± 5hPa, 540 to 696hPa ± 8hPa)
Resolution 1 hPa, 0,01 inHg, 0,1 mmHg
Wind speed range (accuracy) 0 to 50 m/s; 0 to 180 km/h; 0 to 112 mph; 0 to 97 knots (±10%)
Resolution 0,1 m/s, 0,1 km/h, 0,1 mph, 0,1 knot
Wind direction measurement yes
Resolution 16 positions over 360°
Measuring rainfall yes via built in tipping bucket
Resolution 0,254 mm (0,01 inches)
UV radiation measurement yes
Sunrise / Sunset Time yes, calibrated via Internet connection
Viewable Graphs yes, barometric pressure / internal and external temperatures / internal and external rel. humidity over the past 72 hours, precipitation over the past 7 days
Moon phase yes
Weather forecasts yes, based on barometric pressure
Absolute / relative barometric pressure display yes / yes
Number of weather forecast icons 6 (sunny, light rain, cloudy, rain, thunderstorms, snow)
Signal range 150m in open space - 6-in-1 integrated wireless sensor
150m in open space - wireless sensor for temperature and humidity
Data transmission interval 6-in-1 sensor - wind speed and direction 12 seconds
temperature humidity, UV index and rainfall 24 seconds
wireless temperature and humidity 60 seconds
Wireless frequency 868 MHz
Number of Channels 7 - temperature and relative humidity sensor
Internal memory yes, to preserve the settings you have made
Temperature Alarm yes, upper / lower limit
Humidity Alarm yes, upper / lower limit
Other alarms alarm barometer dropout alarm over the past 30 minutes alarm setting adjustable rainfall alarm limits adjustable wind speed limits
Wind Chill value yes
Date yes, managed after connecting to the Internet, or manually
Time yes, managed after connecting to the Internet, or manually
Alarm yes
Snooze yes, after 5 minutes
Date format 12 or 24 hours
Time zone yes, from -12 to +13 hours
USB port yes, only for firmware upload
Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi frequency 2,4GHz
Data sending server Weather Underground
Dimensions of the main unit display 163 x 120 mm
Digit size - main unit time 17 mm, day name abbreviation 10 mm, date, barometric pressure, wind speed / impact, UV index / Beaufort / Wind Chill / temperature / dew point, rainfall 12.5 mm, wind direction 7.5 mm, temperature and rel . humidity 12 mm, sunrise and sunset 9 mm
Main Unit Display Illumination non stop, it has two degrees of brightness and shutdown, then can be switched on for 5s for a short time
Power supply main display power adapter 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A / 5 V, 1A, backup battery 3 x 1.5V type AAA
6-in-1 integrated wireless sensor 3 x 1.5V type AA  
wireless sensor for indoor temp / humidity 2 x 1.5V type AA
Overall dimensions main unit 215 x 172 x 29 mm
integrated wireless sensor 392.5 x 326 x 144.5 mm
wireless sensor for temperature and humidity 61 x 113 x 39.5 mm
Weight main unit 604 g (without batteries) integrated wireless sensor 1048 g (without batteries) wireless sensor for temperature and humidity 84 g (without batteries)
Color main unit black, integrated wireless sensor light gray, rain gauge funnel, paddle, windscreen and underside except radiator cover black, wireless temperature sensor and rel. moisture white
Option to stand / wall mount the equipment main unit yes / yes integrated wireless sensor no / no - possibility to mount to the mast wireless sensor for temperature and rel. humidity yes / yes


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