Bresser  6 in 1 Professional WiFi Weather Station
Bresser  6 in 1 Professional WiFi Weather Station
Bresser  6 in 1 Professional WiFi Weather Station
Bresser  6 in 1 Professional WiFi Weather Station
Bresser  6 in 1 Professional WiFi Weather Station

Bresser 6 in 1 Professional WiFi Weather Station

Product code: WiFi 6 in 1
Brand: Bresser
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5 Year warranty
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Bresser WiFi Weather Station 6 in 1

The new Bresser WiFi weather station 6 in 1 brings together an external set of sensors in a unique way. The weather station console also connects to Weather Underground through your existing WiFi Internet connection to send data in near real time and an account with Weather Underground is free!!

The very compact multifunctional outdoor sensor array requires little space and thus can be placed almost anywhere. A clamp and screws for attaching to a metal pole (pipe diameter of 25-33 mm) is also included! 

The 6 in 1 outdoor sensor transmits measurements for UV-level, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature and precipitation to the base station. On the large clear colour display current conditions are displayed along with a multitude of historical data and trends. From the collected data, the weather station calculates a very reliable local weather trend and forecast for the next 12 hours, depicted by six weather symbols on the colour display. 

As well as the outdoor sensor array there is also a separate temperate and humidity sensor for indoor readings. Rather than have these built into the console this separate sensor gives more flexibility to the station allowing indoor readings to taken away from the main console.

An alarm can be programmed for minimum and maximum values, which gives both a sound and light signal when the defined value is reached. For outside temperatures of -3 °C and below a special frost and ice alarm warning can also be activated. 

A poor indoor climate often involves health risks especially for children and the elderly. The Bresser WIFI weather station offers you a smart feature to deal with this. The indoor climate indicator informs you about the indoor climate with a warning symbol. 

For astronomers the different phases of the moon are shown. An clock alarm function with snooze mode is also included. 

  • Colour console with WiFi Internet connection
    • 6 forecast icons for next 12 hours
    • Indoor and Outdoor Temperature with trend (°C or °F)
    • UV level
    • Indoor comfort level
    • Indoor and Outdoor Humidity with trend
    • Barometric Pressure Relative / Absolute (inHg, mmHg or hPa)
    • Wind Direction Real time and last 5 minutes
    • Wind Speed with 4 descriptive indicators
    • Wind Chill
    • Heat Index
    • Dew Point
    • Graphical History for up to past 72 hours (7 days for rain fall)
    • Rainfall Daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly or Total since reset (in or mm)
    • Daily Min / Max
    • Alarms for temperature / humidity / wind speed / rainfall
    • 8 moon phases
    • Sunrise and Sunset Times
    • USB for software updates only
    • WiFi connection to Weather Underground via your router
  • High quality 6-in-1 outdoor sensor unit
    • Wind speed
    • Wind direction
    • Rain measurement
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • UV level
    • Pole mount with pole clamp
    • Solar Powered with Battery Backup
  • Indoor sensor
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
  • UK adapter / EU Power Supply
  • English / German Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty. (Year 1 with Weather Spares and 2-5 with Bresser via online registration below)
To activate your warranty for years 2 to 5, please register your product with Bresser here.​​​​​​​ 


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5 Stars
E Brands
What a great station. Replaced a 10 year old station with this and cannot believe how things have moved on. Well built, great screen and so many features.